Sensor setup

SafeAD has many years of expertise in the design, construction and implementation of sensor setups for highly automated vehicles. We work with all common sensors which are camera, LiDAR, radar, IMU and GNSS.


The variety of sensors is very large. Their selection and positioning requires a lot of experience. Data rates, interfaces, synchronization, performance of the main computer and much more have to be taken into account in the conceptual design. We have the overview and the expertise to offer an ideal setup design for your needs.


When integrating a sensor setup, a hardware and software connection to the main computer is necessary. Here we offer the full range of services: We provide sensor drivers, configure the network and sensors, set up a time server, deliver hardware for synchronous triggering of sensors and much more.


In order to process sensor data, highly accurate sensor calibration is necessary. SafeAD has developed state-of-the-art calibration procedures that can be used to calibrate any number and combination of sensors.