Sensor Calibration

Sensor calibration is the basis on which a solid perception stack builds on. SafeAD offers tools which are easy to use and provide a high quality calibration for all common sensor setups.

Intrinsic Calibration

There are many sources of errors which affect the quality of intrinsic calibration. These are unballanced detection coverage, lighting, motion blur and many more. We offer a tool which provides live feedback and guides the user to record a high quality dataset. This guarantees an accurate calibration on the first try. Additional analytics help to assess its quality.

Extrinsic Calibration

Common experimental vehicles have a diverse and mixed sensor setup consisting of multiple cameras, LiDARs, radars, GNSS and IMU sensors. Furthermore knowing the location of the ground plane and/or the center of the rear axle relative to the sensors is often desired. Our software solution allows for the extrinsic calibration of all sensors even in cases with minimal or non-overlapping field of view.

Online Calibration

Although using a dedicated calibration target provides best results there are cases in which they cannot be utilized or recalibration or live monitoring of an existing calibration is desired. For these cases SafeAD developed a tool that runs on the vehicle in realtime. It detects and adjusts any decalibration during operation.

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