Automated Vehicle

Building up a self-driving vehicle can be a challenging task especially if public road admission is required. SafeAD offers a complete and safety certified solution to get you on the road.

Vehicle Automation Kit

We offer an affordable and certified solution to control and communicate with your car. Our SafeAD Gateway is developed according to ISO 26262 and ISO/SAE 21434. It is certified for driving on public roads.
The SafeAD Gateway enables sending acceleration, steering and turn indicator control signals by a computer. Additionally, the SafeAD Gateway reads sensor data from the car and forwards it to the user’s computer in real time.

Sensor Box

The SafeAD Sensorbox is a system to synchronize all your sensors. Its clock can be synchronized with the time from your main computer or GNSS. Clocks of sensors can be synchronized by the Sensorbox via common protocols. Additionally, hardware triggers allow synchronized image recording with up to 16 cameras.


Sensor Setup

SafeAD consults on the appropriate sensor setup for your application. Additionally, we offer to build up the sensor setup with all sensor drivers and hardware connections so that you can focus on your application.

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